Kids’ perspectives make a difference

Ask a kid a question and you may get an answer you didn’t expect. This “perspective” is a gift provided by the uniquenesses of the individual and the stage of his or her development. To that end, we want to invite our patients to teach each other about important health and wellness topics.

At the beginning of each month, we will post a relevant health related question that has been chosen by our staff. Our patients are encouraged to consider the question and reply in their own words. Parental guidance is welcomed as needed. Every Wednesday afternoon, our staff will meet to select a few of their favorites.

The authors of those chosen will be notified via telephone. Any medical inaccuracies will be corrected by the author under the tutelage of Dr. Regnier. If mutually agreed to, the responses will be posted by Friday afternoon. Each author will be identified according to their name preference and age.

Let’s get started. The health and wellness question for the fall of 2012 is, “Why should kids get a flu shot?”

Please submit your responses via the following link: From Our Patients Post.

Have fun. We wish you well!

Be yourself and the people that don't mind are the people that matter.
Dr. Seuss

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