Love in your heart

Kids, Do you have love in your heart? I believe each and every one of you do. Can you feel it when you are kind to someone? Just like you, love is a precious gift. Enjoy it. Have fun with it. Use it as often as you can.   Make a difference in our world, Dr. Mark

How to be healthy

How to be healthy: find healthy food choices don’t eat junk food eat lots of fruits & vegetables eat at the right times ( breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner) sleep well be active exercise eat the right portions brush your teeth go to bed at the right time Content by Grace Regnier (age 7 1/2)

Life’s truths

Kids, There may be some points in your life when you are not given an opportunity to tell the truth. It’s not fair but it may happen. Please know that during those times, you will be judged by your past actions. Make good choices so your actions speak loudly at the times when your words cannot be heard. … Continue reading ›