Back to the basics

I recently asked one of my 4 year old patients if he had love in his heart. After a moment of contemplation, he quietly replied yes. His mother smiled and then told me of a recent time when she gently kissed her son on his arm. Curiously, he looked at her and innocently asked, “What was that?” “Love”, she answered. Whimsically … Continue reading ›

Did you say hand, mouth, and hoof disease?

When the warmer months roll around, a family of viruses named “enteroviruses” make a roaring entrance. Entero means intestinal and while these viruses love to infect the intestines of humans, they also cause symptoms within the mouth, stomach and skin. I recently saw my first case of hand, foot, and mouth disease for the year. These viruses are very contagious (from kid to kid) and once I see one case … Continue reading ›

Proper vaccine storage

Have you heard about a recent study that highlighted the importance of proper vaccine storage and handling?  The report found that improper storage of vaccines at temperatures beyond those recommended and the administration of outdated vaccines are not uncommon practices in some settings. Children/adolescents are not directly harmed in these situations; however, they may remain at risk … Continue reading ›