What is a “zeedonk”?

Please consider the following,

Each of us is unique in many ways. Difference or similarity may appear good or bad depending on one’s perspective and the object in question. Our ability to appreciate or tolerate human difference is variable. Are we more tolerant of differences in nature than we are in our own species? Today, I learned about the birth of a “zeedonk”, a rare combination of a zebra and a donkey in Italy. My initial impression was one of intrigue and curiosity rather than judgment. My pediatric mind then thought about the parallel to kids and their perception of one another. I wondered why kids might be more tolerant of this aberration in nature rather than exercising tolerance for common variances in their peers. I don’t have the answer; however, I raise the question.

Think hard and be open with your kids,

Dr. Mark

Be yourself and the people that don't mind are the people that matter.
Dr. Seuss

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