Office-based Care

We want to be involved in the total of our patient’s care. This means that in addition to providing general pediatric services, we are committed to help manage and facilitate essentially all other aspects of our patient’s care.

Our primary care services include the diagnosis and management of common pediatric illnesses, conditions, and chronic health problems, providing preventative well care and identifying the need for consultation and referral to pediatric medical or surgical specialists.

Our investment continues after a referral has been made or for those who receive care or services outside of our practice. We want to collaborate with our healthcare colleagues to be involved in the total of our patient’s care. It is critical that everyone involved in the decision making and care of our patients (including their families) shares a common understanding of the problem, the treatment plan, and one another’s role.

We know how frustrating and stressful it can be trying to coordinate your child’s care from one physician or service provider to another. We will use a team approach to minimize those challenges as much as possible.