What is a “zeedonk”?

Please consider the following, Each of us is unique in many ways. Difference or similarity may appear good or bad depending on one’s perspective and the object in question. Our ability to appreciate or tolerate human difference is variable. Are we more tolerant of differences in nature than we are in our own species? Today, I learned about the birth of a … Continue reading ›

My whole heart

I often tell my daughter that I love her with my whole heart. She generally echoes the same sentiment back. Recently, she replied with “I love you as much as I can”. Initially, I was somewhat saddened. Upon reflection, I realized that I couldn’t ask for anything more than her best. Tell your children you love them as often as you can, … Continue reading ›

Making good decisions

Children make GOOD decisions for varied reasons depending on their developmental stage. Young children generally act favorably to receive validation and praise or to avoid a negative consequence. In time, this construct is replaced by an internal desire to do what is right balanced against a strong personal need to avoid loss or ensure gain. Later, ongoing maturation results in an increased determination to make good decisions based more so on “justness” and less on subjective drives. … Continue reading ›

Show them the way

As parents, we need to be good leaders for our children. Please focus on your faith and work hard to incorporate it into the daily workings of your family. “Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.” Shape your children to know that … Continue reading ›

Becoming a master potter

An infant is born with a large degree of predetermined temperment and personality. We as parents mold, refine and shape the rough protoplasm of our children’s genetic predispositions. In addition, we influence the outcome of our children’s overall construct with our own personality tendencies and styles. Recently a self-aware, mature and accomplished mother questioned her own ability to set … Continue reading ›

Who are you?

Hello Kids, I am so blessed to experience each of you and your perspectives as I practice my passion of being your doctor. I commonly ask each of you what you are good at and I almost always get a sports related answer (whether you are 4 or 14). I too love athletics and physical activity. Believe … Continue reading ›

Be responsible

Hi Kids, Please take a dose of responsibility each day. Be accountable for your actions. Tell the truth if you make a mistake or a poor choice. It’s often very easy to blame someone else or say nothing when you should. The more you tell the truth, the easier it becomes. Be real, Dr. Mark

Growing up

Kids, Grow in faith, love and hope. Take the good that’s in your heart and make great things with it. Be well, Dr. Mark

Love in your heart

Kids, Do you have love in your heart? I believe each and every one of you do. Can you feel it when you are kind to someone? Just like you, love is a precious gift. Enjoy it. Have fun with it. Use it as often as you can.   Make a difference in our world, Dr. Mark

Life’s truths

Kids, There may be some points in your life when you are not given an opportunity to tell the truth. It’s not fair but it may happen. Please know that during those times, you will be judged by your past actions. Make good choices so your actions speak loudly at the times when your words cannot be heard. … Continue reading ›