Becoming a master potter

An infant is born with a large degree of predetermined temperment and personality. We as parents mold, refine and shape the rough protoplasm of our children’s genetic predispositions. In addition, we influence the outcome of our children’s overall construct with our own personality tendencies and styles. Recently a self-aware, mature and accomplished mother questioned her own ability to set … Continue reading ›

Back to the basics

I recently asked one of my 4 year old patients if he had love in his heart. After a moment of contemplation, he quietly replied yes. His mother smiled and then told me of a recent time when she gently kissed her son on his arm. Curiously, he looked at her and innocently asked, “What was that?” “Love”, she answered. Whimsically … Continue reading ›

How to be healthy

How to be healthy: find healthy food choices don’t eat junk food eat lots of fruits & vegetables eat at the right times ( breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner) sleep well be active exercise eat the right portions brush your teeth go to bed at the right time Content by Grace Regnier (age 7 1/2)

Kids’ perspectives make a difference

Ask a kid a question and you may get an answer you didn’t expect. This “perspective” is a gift provided by the uniquenesses of the individual and the stage of his or her development. To that end, we want to invite our patients to teach each other about important health and wellness topics. At the … Continue reading ›