Who are you?

Hello Kids, I am so blessed to experience each of you and your perspectives as I practice my passion of being your doctor. I commonly ask each of you what you are good at and I almost always get a sports related answer (whether you are 4 or 14). I too love athletics and physical activity. Believe … Continue reading ›

Life’s truths

Kids, There may be some points in your life when you are not given an opportunity to tell the truth. It’s not fair but it may happen. Please know that during those times, you will be judged by your past actions. Make good choices so your actions speak loudly at the times when your words cannot be heard. … Continue reading ›

Finding your happiness

On a whim I asked my son, “What makes you happy?” Expecting to hear about his iPod Touch, playing with his friends and his Lego collection, he replied, “Do what you like, like what you do!” Thank you son, Dad (Dr. Mark) Content by Luke Regnier (age 10)

Be persistent when they’re resistant

We had a very difficult morning. A simple request for my 7 year old daugher to take a shower led to a battle of wills and words. As I walked her to the bus stop, my heart was heavy. I wondered what I was doing or not doing to cause such behaviors. I asked beyond myself for an answer as … Continue reading ›

The “spirit of giving” is a gift

There are many ways in which we care for one another. As parents, we teach our children to be kind, giving and mindful that we should treat others as ourselves. The spirit of giving is a gift. It allows us to think beyond ourselves, enhancing our “perspective” of the world around us. As parents, we influence our … Continue reading ›