Toilet Training: Resource List

Books for Children

Ages 1 to 3

  • Diapers Are Not Forever (Board Book); by Elizabeth Verdick; Free Spirit, 2008
  • Even Firefighters Go To The Potty; by Wendy Wax; Little Simon, 2008
  • Everyone Poops; by Taro Gomi; Kane/Miller, 1993
  • Free the Poop! By Kiki Kukaluka; Peekaboo Press, 2010
  • I Have to Go; by Robert Munsch; Econo-Clad Books, 1999
  • I Want My Potty; by Tony Ross; Kane/Miller Book Pub., 2001
  • I'm A Potty Champion!; by Kitty Higgins; Barrons Juveniles, 1999
  • Lift the Lid: A Toilet Training Book; by Pam Adams; Childs Play Intl Ltd, 1995
  • No More Diapers for Ducky!; by Bernette Ford; Boxer Books, 2007
  • No More Diapers!; by Emma Thompson; CTW Books, 1999
  • Oh No, Gotta Go! By Susan Elya; Puffin, 2006
  • Once Upon a Potty; by Alona Frankel; HarperCollins, 1999
  • P.J. & Puppy; by Cathryn Falwell; Clarion Books, 1997
  • Potty Time; by Anne Civardi; Simon and Schuster, 1993
  • The Princess and the Potty; by Wendy Cheyette; Aladdin, 2005
  • Time to Pee! By Mo Willems; Hyperion Books, 2003
  • To Pee or Not To Pee; by Linda Johns, Dana Regan (illustrator); Infinity Plus One, 1998
  • Uh Oh! Gotta Go!: Potty Tales From Toddlers; by Bob McGrath, Shelley Dieterichs (illustrator); Barron's, 1996
  • What Do You Do With a Potty?; by Marianne Borgardt, Maxie Chambliss (illustrator); Western Pub. Co., 1994
  • You Can Go to The Potty; by William Sears; Little Brown, 2002

Ages 2 to 4

  • How to Potty Train Your Monster; by Kelly Dipucchio; Hyperion Book, 2009
  • It Hurts When I Poop! A Story for Children Who Are Scared to Use the Potty; Howard Bennett; Magination Press, 2007
  • The New Potty; by Gina Mayer and Mercer Mayer; Western Pub., 1992
  • On Your Potty!; by Virginia Miller; Candlewick Press, 2000
  • Perry Poops; by Pittau and Gervais; Chronicle Books, 1997
  • The Princess and the Potty; by Wendy Lewison; Aladdin Paperbacks, 1998
  • Too Big for Diapers; by John Barrett; Random House, 2000

Books for Adults

  • American Academy of Pediatrics Guide to Toilet Training; by Mark Wolraich; Bantam Books, 2003
  • Potty Training Boys the Easy Way: Helping Your Son Learn Quickly – Even If He’s a Late Starter; by Caroline Fertieman; De Capo Bks, 2009
  • Potty Training Your Baby; A Practical Guide for Easier Toilet Training; by Katie Warren; Square One Publishing, 2005
  • Stress-Free Potty Training: a Commonsense Guide to Finding the Right Approach for Your Child; by Sara Au; AMACOM; 2008
  • Toilet Training Without Tears or Trauma; by Paula Kelly; Meadowbrook Press, 2003
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