Perspective, I have learned, is critical to our well-being and how we live our lives. I am privileged to care for my patients and I am honored and ever-aware of the trust they place in me. As a physician, I am a witness to my patient’s experience of our human condition. The view that I have is truly extraordinary.

I thought it might be valuable for me to share this view, the perspective, I have on various topics. There are many perspectives beyond mine, of course. That’s why, in time, this “Perspectives” section will include observations from others as well as your very own children.

Take a look and see what you may find!

Dr. Mark

Think twice, act once!

“Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression.” -Haim Ginott. Be mindful, deliberate, and self-aware. Many of our actions with our children will have long term consequences. Make them more favorable than not. It’s often easier said than done. The effort is worth it!

Wishing you well

As you may know, Dr. Dotti recently resigned from Genesis Pediatric Medicine to take a position closer to her home. She was loved by patients and their parents. I wish her personal and professional success. In the meantime, Dr. Ken will be expanding his hours. We plan on adding a female provider when an optimal … Continue reading ›

Our website makeover

I hope you like the new look of our website. Much of its content has been preserved while we have attempted to optimize flow. In addition, it is now compatible with your mobile devices. Enjoy! Dr. Mark

What is a “zeedonk”?

Please consider the following, Each of us is unique in many ways. Difference or similarity may appear good or bad depending on one’s perspective and the object in question. Our ability to appreciate or tolerate human difference is variable. Are we more tolerant of differences in nature than we are in our own species? Today, I learned about the birth of a … Continue reading ›

My whole heart

I often tell my daughter that I love her with my whole heart. She generally echoes the same sentiment back. Recently, she replied with “I love you as much as I can”. Initially, I was somewhat saddened. Upon reflection, I realized that I couldn’t ask for anything more than her best. Tell your children you love them as often as you can, … Continue reading ›

Making good decisions

Children make GOOD decisions for varied reasons depending on their developmental stage. Young children generally act favorably to receive validation and praise or to avoid a negative consequence. In time, this construct is replaced by an internal desire to do what is right balanced against a strong personal need to avoid loss or ensure gain. Later, ongoing maturation results in an increased determination to make good decisions based more so on “justness” and less on subjective drives. … Continue reading ›

Show them the way

As parents, we need to be good leaders for our children. Please focus on your faith and work hard to incorporate it into the daily workings of your family. “Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.” Shape your children to know that … Continue reading ›

Becoming a master potter

An infant is born with a large degree of predetermined temperment and personality. We as parents mold, refine and shape the rough protoplasm of our children’s genetic predispositions. In addition, we influence the outcome of our children’s overall construct with our own personality tendencies and styles. Recently a self-aware, mature and accomplished mother questioned her own ability to set … Continue reading ›

The Halloween haul

Halloween is on the horizon and for many parents, the question of what to do with all those Halloween candy treats is the scariest proposition of all! Some of you may lean toward restricting all access to the forbidden treats while others feel they are powerless over the influence of the in-home, candy invasion. What to … Continue reading ›

Pureed food in pouches. What’s up with that?

Pureed food in pouches: Boon or Bane? Post by: Carol Danaher, MPH RD Getting good information to parents isn’t easy. Two years ago, I participated in a telephone survey of 130 families with children under the age of 5 years. One of the questions was “what do you like about how your child eats?” A … Continue reading ›